traditions, traditions

[photo credit: project wedding]

i love vintage wedding decor, and most traditions are sweet and meaningful, but this is ridiculous…

tradition: according to ancient roman ritual, the bride is expected to stand on the left at a marriage ceremony with the groom on the right. this was so the man could then use his right-handed sword to protect her because everyone expected the bride to be too weak and completely incapable of protecting herself.

meaning: to me, this tradition is a little insulting. to most, it’s just plain meaningless (just one of those things you do without thinking because your grandmother said you had to).

if law school has taught me anything, it’s to be skeptical & not to trust that what’s always been done or is expected by others is best.  i identified the issue, discovered the rule, applied my own thinking and analysis, and to conclude…

i think i’ll stand on the right, thank you!


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