so you’re wondering … where am I?

this blog contains the musings, ramblings & altogether random thoughts on law school, cities, design, people, news & faith, from yours truly, a *mostly* optimistic 3L. anna-writer.JPG                                     

more on me:  i’m a twentysomething girl from the golden state, knee-deep in casebooks, as a first second third year student at uc hastings. i enjoy spending time with friends & family, all things legal, the french language, photography, dogs, bike rides, morning runs, avocados on everything, hot tea, yoga, traveling, & all things gidget.


obsessions of the moment:

drink: venti unsweetened black iced tea with a splash of passion

food: anything thai/italian/french/ethiopian/japanese/mexican

[really, just anything good. i’m not that picky!]

guilty pleasure: www.overheardinnewyork.com

best way to unwind: a lazy saturday spent curled up on the couch, reading a good non-law book or liesurely walking around the many unique neighborhoods in this beautiful city of san francisco that i now call home.

(fyi: some of you were wondering how to post comments on posts i’ve written – you DON’T have to be logged in or have an account with wordpress to do this! simply click on the subtitle underneath the individual post’s title that says how many comments there have been so far. this will open up a new page where you can fill out a “comment card” that will be listed with the rest. you can post with your name or anonymously. to read the other posts, just click on the same words, and you’ll be directed to the same page to read those so far. happy posting!)


9 Responses

  1. Dear Lucky Penny,

    Thanks for including a photo of my firm’s work in your “home envy” story.

    I take that as a great compliment, and I am flattered.

    Good luck with law school!

    My best,

    Roger Hirsch
    (ps- I’d be happy to be your friend)

  2. Have a nice day !

  3. Hi dear lucky penny. Good for u that you’re living the American Dream in my farvorite all time city. Gazing at golden gate is one of my dreams!
    Let me tell u a little about myself, my name’s sya, i’m a 19 year-old guy, living in tehran, the capital of freaking iran! I know it sucks. Anyway, i’m gonna move to the USA in 3 months. I’m not straight by the way, i’m not gonna flirt with ya. I read your beautiful blog and i fell in love with it ’cause it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for, besides we lot’s of things in common. I was just wondering if we could possibly communicate via e-mail, that would be awesome.
    So dear lucky penny, can i pick you up from on the ground? LOL! Take care lady. Please, e-mail me, i’ll be thankful forever!

  4. Sounds like a very interesting concept! I can be ticklish about my dry judge I have a good fresh joke for you! What did one hot dog say to another? Hi, Frank!

  5. Thanks!,

  6. 1st visit to your blog today and what a joy!!! such a lovely blog! Will pop by again soon. Keep it up.


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