A list of books I’ve recently read or those I’m still working on: 

  • The Last Gentleman: Walker Percy (i consumed it in small doses – it’s a long one! it was fabulous, though. i found it hilarious and often moving. i recommend it!)
  • About 10 Different LSAT Books (so glad to be done with these!)
  • One L (i really like it … i guess this officially makes me wacko!)
  • Blink: Malcolm Gladwell
  • Grab on to me Tightly as if You Knew the Way: Bryan Charles (odd and disturbing at times. i don’t recommend this one!)
  • The Tipping Point: M. Gladwell
  • The Golden Gate: Vikram Seth (a fictional novel in poetic form. i’d recommend reading this one with a dictionary – there are lots of big words. smartly done, though. so unique & well crafted … i loved it!)
  • The Year of Yes: Maria Dahvana Headley (probably the funniest and most entertaining book i’ve read in a loooong time! i couldn’t stop laughing. well-written in a relevant, conversational way. every open-minded girl should read this!)
  • The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway (this is going to take awhile!)
  • II Corinthians: Paul
  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman: John Fowles 
  • Washington Square: Henry James (very jane austen-ish
  • The Second Coming: Walker Percy
  • Dupont Circle: Paul Kafka-Gibbons (a quick, easy read. i recommend this one for anyone living or interested in washington. paints beautiful pictures of the area and the neighborhood of dupont.)
  • The Supremes Greatest Hits, the 34 Supreme Court Cases That Most Directly Affect Your Life: Michael G. Trachtman
  • French by Heart: Rebecca S. Ramsey (for a french-language-lover like me, it is the perfect way to take a trip to franch sans jet-lag … a gorgeous portrayal of french natives and those who see the romance in their way of life.) 
  • Civil Procedure, casebook (slow read. lots of rules. spent a lot of time here trying to sort them all out.)
  • Property, casebook (hooray!)
  • Criminal Law, casebook (mildly depressing, but fantastically intriguing)
  • Contracts, casebook (woo hoo!)
  • Environmental Law, casebook (yay for learning the millions of ways we’re behind re: global climate change. depressing + enlightening at the same time)
  • Torts, casebook (yippee!)
  • Animal Law, casebook (probably one of the only casebooks that i would have read in my “spare time” too, if not assigned for a class!!)
  • Con Law (I & II), casebook
  • Remedies, casebook
  • California Civil Procedure, casebook
  • Wills & Trusts, casebook
  • Evidence, casebook
  • Professional Responsibility, casebook
  • MPRE, study guide from BarBri (only until august 7th!)
  • Paris to the Moon: Adam Gopnik (ongoing project whereby robert austin & i take turns reading the book aloud to each other … a great one for that!)
  • Notes from a Small Island: Bill Bryson (very entertaining – i knew i’d love it because i’ve read a couple of his books before & i just generally enjoy most books about great britain)
  • Strategy in Poker, Business, & War: john mcdonald (highly recommended by the judge i’m working for)
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